Hire Wait Staff For House Party & Events

At CBUK you will find top quality cocktail waiters and food wait staff for hire for the best house party experience!

Well used to work at some of the most glamorous parties and events, CBUK cocktail waiters will make your house party unforgettable and fun! Since every client is different, we work with your budget and needs to create a bespoke package that works for you! Additional add-on party services are also available to make your event planning easier while adding a special touch to your day.

Make your party at home event a memorable experience for all your guests! Book in London, Bath, Brighton, Liverpool or Manchester. Book in Scotland or Wales as well.


cocktail waiter for hire at home

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    House Party Cocktail Bar

    Party packages for hire at home, mobile cocktail bars and glassware. Nationwide delivery,

    See our Party Packages page for more details.

    Hire cocktail waiter for house party

    CBUK Cocktail Wait team is specialised in tray service, taking drinks orders and and managing the cleanliness of the event space.

    What is included when you hire a cocktail waiter

    Our waiters for hire are highly skilled, well-trained and will provide professional, friendly service at your next party at home. They take pride in making your event enjoyable whether it’s a birthday party, hen party, or just a house party with family and friends. They’re more than capable of handling a large party while keeping everyone happy.

    The attire of the wait staff is a professional one, black trousers, white or black shirt, black shoes. Each cocktail wait staff comes equipped with a service tray.

    Hire Food Wait Staff For House Party & Events

    Food waiters are individuals hired to assist with serving food at social events or parties at home. Wait Staff are responsible for tasks such as setting up tables, taking orders, serving food and clearing dishes, and ensuring guests have a pleasant dining experience.

    Our party waiters have a good understanding of different cuisines, menu items, and beverage options to provide accurate information and recommendations to guests. We are friendly, attentive, and able to handle guests' requests and concerns in a professional and courteous manner.

    Wait Staff hire pricing list.

    Drinks Wait Staff £120

    One drinks wait staff and one serving tray for 4 hours. Travel fees (if applicable) will be confirmed once you forward the event location.

    Food Wait Staff £120

    One food wait staff for 4 hours. Travel fees TBC.

    most popular Cocktail Bartender £145

    One cocktail bartender and the shakers for 3 hours. Travel fees TBC..

    Duties of party waiters

    Party food and cocktail waiters, are skilled professionals hired to provide food and beverage service at parties at home, weddings or corporate events. They play a crucial role in ensuring that guests are served efficiently and that the event runs smoothly.

    Responsibilities of wait staff:

    1. Setting up: Party waiters are responsible for setting up tables, chairs, and the overall dining area according to the event's requirements.
    2. Food and beverage service: They serve food and beverages to guests, following specific instructions regarding the order and timing of service. This includes presenting and explaining menu options, taking orders, and delivering the items to the guests.
    3. Table maintenance: Waiters ensure that tables are clean and properly set throughout the event. They clear used dishes and utensils, refill water glasses, and provide any necessary condiments or additional items requested by guests.
    4. Guest assistance: Waiters assist guests by answering questions, providing recommendations, and accommodating special dietary needs or preferences. They strive to create a pleasant dining experience for everyone.
    5. Event coordination: In some cases, party waiters may assist in event coordination tasks, such as working with the event planner or coordinator to ensure that the food and beverage service aligns with the overall event schedule.


    CBUK Wait Staff team have prior experience in the food and beverage industry, such as working in restaurants and hotels. This experience helps us handle various aspects of service smoothly. Overall, party waiters play a vital role in providing excellent service and ensuring a positive experience for guests during parties and events. Our professionalism, attention to detail, and customer-oriented approach contribute to the success of any gathering.