Cocktail Making Classes

Practice the art of cocktail making with friends and and get to drink your own creations!

CBUK offers cocktail making classes for fun in a relaxed environment for private parties and team building events alike. We come to you! Fully kitted with all the tools of the trade, learn to mix the classics or the trendy cocktails.

Cocktail making classes can be a fantastic way to learn the art of mixology while having a great time with friends or fellow enthusiasts. These classes often provide hands-on experience, guidance from professional mixologists, and the opportunity to explore a wide range of cocktail recipes. Our mixology classes are available for parties and events nationwide, book in London, Brighton, Bath, Oxford, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow and anywhere in between!

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With prices starting from £30 per person attending, we make it affordable too!

Bespoke Mixology Events

Your chance to learn the art of mixology from the masters, learn to shake with the best!

Team Building Cocktail Classes

Our team building cocktail classes are the perfect activity for both the cocktail connoisseur and for those who simply appreciate a well-made drink. We come to you, book your class from the comfort of your office, hotel or at a venue of your choice.

Team building mixology is a fun and engaging activity that combines the art of cocktail making with team collaboration and communication. It's a great way for team members to bond, unleash their creativity, and enjoy a shared experience. The classes are fun, interactive, challenging and competitive!

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    Team Building Mixology

    The perfect team building activity, mixology classes that come to you. Plan the perfect day out for you and your team.

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    Hen Party Cocktail Making

    Shake, stir and muddle your best cocktail, fun cocktail making classes for hen parties at home. Hands on mixology events!

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    Birthday Party Mixology Classes

    Are you looking to book activities for your birthday party at home? Learn to make cocktails for fun, book classes that come to you!

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    Fun mixology events that come to you

    CBUK cocktail bar team has won awards for their drinks and you are sure to impress your cocktail-savvy friends after being their student. Each mixology class has a fun theme with skills that you can immediately put to use. Whether you're looking to book cocktail classes in London, Bath, Brighton, Liverpool, Manchester, or Edinburgh - we have your back!

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    Bespoke Cocktail Making Package
    1. Tiki Cocktail Class: Dive into the world of tropical cocktails with a Tiki-themed class. Discover the secrets behind popular Tiki drinks like Mai Tai, Piña Colada, and Zombie. Embrace the colourful and exotic flair associated with Tiki culture.
    2. Molecular Mixology: Explore the scientific side of mixology with a molecular mixology class. Learn to use innovative techniques, such as foam, gelification, and liquid nitrogen, to create visually stunning and unique cocktails.
    3. Craft Cocktail Workshop: Delve into the world of craft cocktails by attending a workshop that focuses on creating artisanal drinks. Learn about the importance of quality ingredients, proper garnishing, and creative flavour combinations.
    4. Whiskey Tasting and Cocktail Class: For whiskey lovers, a whiskey-focused class offers the opportunity to taste and learn about different types of whiskey, such as bourbon, scotch, and rye. Discover how to incorporate whiskey into classic and modern cocktail recipes.
    5. Prohibition-Era Cocktail Class: Transport yourself back to the days of the Prohibition era and learn how to craft cocktails from that time. Experience the mystique of the speakeasy while mastering classics like the Old Fashioned, Sidecar, and Bees Knees.
    6. Signature Cocktail Workshop: Unleash your creativity and design your own signature cocktail. With the guidance of an expert mixologist, experiment with various spirits, mixers, and garnishes to create a personalised drink that reflects your taste.

    No matter which option you choose, a cocktail making class can be a fun and educational way to learn how to make delicious drinks and impress your friends at your next party! Enjoy learning and experimenting with different cocktails in a fun, relaxed and educational setting!