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Cocktail Barmen has cocktail bartenders for parties at home and an effortless online booking procedure! It's a known fact, a great bartender can be the life of the party. As long as they're shaking up delicious shaken cocktails and mix drinks, your guests will be loving your bartender all night.

So don't let the drinks run dry! Hire bartenders for party at home, the office, or a venue of your choice. Book in London, Bath, Oxford, Liverpool or Manchester. Book in Scotland or Wales as well.


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    House Party Bartenders

    House party cocktail bartenders, pop up cocktail bars, mixologists and flair bartenders available for hire in most areas!

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    How much does it cost to hire a cocktail bartender?

    At Cocktail Barmen we made bartending for house parties affordable! Prepare to pay an average of £150 for the standard cocktail bartender package for 3 hours and more for flair bartenders.

    What is included when you hire a bartender and how does it work

    Each booking includes a professionally trained mixologist and the shakers, you will need to provide all glassware, ice, mixers and alcohol. We will help you plan the menu and your shopping list as well. Easy!

    With our All Inclusive Party Packages we bring everything with us leaving you with nothing to worry about except your wardrobe!

    Planning a cocktail party at home

    Are you planning a cocktail party at home and you don't know where to start? Do you want to hire cocktail bartenders or regular waiters? Wine and beer or mixed drinks? So much to plan for, so little time!  Who needs the stress of organising the drinks service when you can get the bartender hire company to do it for you!

    Waiters, cocktail bartenders, mixologists and all inclusive drinks packages. That's right, with us you can hire a cocktail bar for private parties to include everything you need to make your event a great success! So, what it will be?

    Bartender hire pricing list.

    3 hours mixologist £150

    One cocktail bartender and the shakers for 3 hours. Travel fees (if applicable) will be confirmed as soon as you send us your location.

    2 hours flair bartender £175

    One flair bartender and the shakers for 2 hours. Travel fees TBC.

    most popular Bartender, glasses and ice £250

    One cocktail bartender for 2.5hours, a mixed set of 50 cocktail glasses, 10lb of ice, drinking straws and napkins.

    Select the right bartender for hire

    Bartenders play a crucial role in planning the perfect event, serving drinks and creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers. There are several different types of bartenders, each with their own specialisation and unique skills. Here are the types of bartenders you can hire from CBUK:

    1. Classic Bartender: They are skilled in serving wine, beer, and pouring drinks neat or on the rocks. They have a good knowledge of popular spirits, mixers, and garnishes.
    2. Cocktail Bartenders: AKA Mixologists are known for their creativity and expertise in crafting unique and innovative cocktails. They often experiment with flavour combinations and presentation to provide a memorable experience for their customers.
    3. Flair Bartender: Flair bartenders are entertainers who specialise in performing dazzling tricks and techniques while preparing drinks. They juggle bottles, shakers, and other bar tools, incorporating acrobatics and impressive moves into their routine.
    4. Tiki Bartender: Tiki bartenders specialise in serving tropical, exotic-inspired cocktails.  They create elaborate garnishes and serve drinks in unique tiki mugs or glassware.
    5. Wine Bartender/Sommelier: Wine bartenders or sommeliers are experts in wine selection, service, and pairing. They have extensive knowledge of different wine varietals, regions, and production methods.
    6. Craft Beer Bartender: Craft beer bartenders specialise in serving a wide variety of craft beers. They have in-depth knowledge of different beer styles, flavours, and brewing techniques.
    7. Whiskey/Bourbon Specialist: These bartenders have a deep understanding of whiskey and bourbon, including different types, regions, and ageing processes.
    8. Barista Bartender: Barista bartenders combine their knowledge of coffee and mixology to create coffee-based cocktails and specialty coffee drinks. They can prepare espresso-based cocktails, Irish coffee, and other coffee-infused drinks while showcasing their coffee-making skills.


    These are just a few examples of the different types of bartenders you may hire. Some bartenders may specialise in multiple areas or develop their own unique style and expertise within the field.