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Hire A Cocktail Bar


The cocktail bartender, the cocktail glasses, the ice & ingredients and the cocktail bar!
All these for hire and more, all the ingredients you will ever need to plan the perfect cocktail party at home or in town! Our bartenders will come to you, anywhere in UK. From North to the South, East to the West and even Northern Ireland - we have the perfect cocktail bartender for hire for every occasion!

Drinks Packages

Hire a cocktail bar for parties and events, book the all inclusive package and let us help you plan the perfect party! We offer a wide range of options that include the service plus the logistics involved.

Drinks choices range from the popular classics up to unique bespoke creations. All cocktails will be served a-la-carte to your guests, in front of them as they order.
These packages includes the supply and preparation of all cocktail ingredients, required cocktail glassware, bar equipment, and all consumables such as ice, straws and garnishes.

Easily book the cocktail bar package that suits you, our events bar team will get your party started with a bang! Perfect for house parties, birthdays, hen parties, weddings and corporate events. Hire us and you will be able to be a guest at your own party at home or the office!

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Option 1 - Bartenders & Cocktail Glasses

Our party starter option, this is the perfect option if you want to provide your own ingredients and you just want to hire a bartender and glasses!

Book today and you will get:

- a professional mixologist for 2.5hours

- a mixed set of 50 cocktail glasses

- 15lb of cubed ice (enough for about 75 cocktails)

- a shopping list for all the ingredients required



Option 2 - All Inclusive Packages

The most popular cocktail package and the option we recommend as well. We take care of everything, this way you will be able to enjoy your own party like a guest! Your mixologist will arrive 45minutes before the agreed start time to set-up the drinks station, and he will also clean up the bar area before he gets to leave at the end of the service.

Book today and you will get:

- a professional mixologist with years of experience

- all the correct cocktail glasses required

- all the ice you will need, drinking straws and napkins

- the ingredients, alcohol, mixers, fruits and juices

- a 5ft mobile cocktail bar (T&C's apply, please enquire)

cocktail party packages for hire