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Why you want to hire a bartender at home for your next party or event

Hire bartenders at home –  why should you?

When you plan big events like weddings and corporate events, most people don’t think twice about hiring a bartender to handle the bar. But for some reason, most of us avoid hiring someone to pour drinks at more intimate gatherings like house parties or birthday parties. We think hiring a bartender may feel a little too much. We say guests can pour their own drinks, so why spend the money? The truth is, though, hiring a bartender for parties at home can actually be relatively affordable and having a professional behind the bar means you have one less thing to stress about and will be able to enjoy yourself that much more.

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hire cocktail bartenders

How Much Alcohol to Buy?
A professional cocktail bartender will not only help you figure out what cocktails to serve, but will also tell you how much of everything to buy. Our advice if you want to hire bartenders for parties at home is to book an experienced mixologist who’s done this before. The bartender will give you a list of what to buy means you won’t buy in excess and, ultimately, might save you a lot of money. Having said that: the bartender’s already paid for himself!

Help Setting/Cleaning UP
A bartender will get to your home or event space in plenty of time to get the bar area all set up before any of your guests arrive. He’ll also do his best to make sure there aren’t empty glasses and bottles around the space and, at the end of the party, he’ll help with cleanup.

hire cocktail bartenders

You’re The Host, Not The Bartender
A great host offers a drink to his guests shortly after they walk into the party. Which means you’re also the one making that drink if you don’t have a bartender. A good host also offers a guest whose drink is low or empty if she’d like it to be refreshed. Guess who’s making that next drink as well? Yes, thats you – for the entire duration of the party. During which time you’ll manage to perfect your cocktail making skills… but not have a single real conversation with your party guests.

Feel Like a Guest At Your Own Party
If you spend the entire party making drinks for your guests, you’ll feel more like a hired bartender than the host! While if you have someone else pouring your drinks, it allows you to actually enjoy the event. Makes sense!

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Don’t Let Guests Make Their Own Drinks
Load’s of reasons why you don’t want your guests making their own drinks. First of all, it’s nice if guests can just relax and not worry about mixing drinks. I mean, they are your guests! Second, a lot of people over pour simply because they don’t realize how much is coming out of the bottle. Hire a mixologist for a private party and he will not only be able to make more complicated cocktails, he will make sure those cocktails have the correct amount of alcohol so that no one is hitting the dance floor before the music started!

Your Guests Will Be Impressed
In general people expect to be treated by cocktail bartenders at fancy events in big spaces only. Definitely we don’t expect to walk into a house party or intimate birthday party and see a paid professional serving up craft cocktails. Guess what, you just got your party at home to a great start!